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The Massage fantasy is a mixture of sensations, where the Sensual Escort Girls International Escorts Agency. lady will lay you face down on the bed, allowing warm oil so softly trickle over your body. She will massage you firmly to smooth out the day’s stress, from the tight muscles in your neck and shoulders to your nerve-rich feet. She will soften her strokes to finger-tickle you, then tickle you with a feather tickler, to create a softer sensation, which really raises the Goosebumps! She will then use different sensations to massage you, and turn you over to face her. She will continue to create different

One reason why men pay for sex is that they want to experience an intimate connection with a woman. S . It's the connection that fulfils us

touch, caresses, closeness, and countertransference of caring positive energy are the healing and truly therapeutic aspects of any intimate connection. A massage is thus fantastically valuable here, because it removes the pressure of strangers being intimate in forced unnatural conditions, yet offers the intimacy of healing touch – which can be immensely exciting, teasing, erotic. Being pampered by a stranger is a liberating escape if the pampering is done well, with caring energy and attitude. A man will leave the massage treatment with a much bigger smile on his face and in his heart then he will a "massage" parlour.

so if you are a professional man over 35 who wishes to be slowly aroused by a slow relaxing grounding elegantly erotic massage, I invite you to explore and start the conversation at

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