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I have trained in different modalities in Chinese Medicine and thought that Thai massage was similar to Shiatsu, and Yoga. I have to say that what I have learned in other modalities and in Thai massage were in fact similar but yet different.

You must be focused not only on your breathing but your clients breathing as your doing the stretches. It takes having great body mechanics and a great deal of focusing and patients to do Thai massage. It doesn't matter the flexibility of the client or yourself as it is breathing through the different movements. This is not only a great relaxation techniques but it is also a great way to warm up or cool down before and after a cardio work out or any work out.

I learned that Sen lines are very similar to the meridians, they are both energy lines. They both work on releasing stagnation, they both help with keeping the energy flowing smoothly.

Thai massage is a very passive technique, which enhances relaxation, stiffness, asthma, headaches, body pain, spasms, many diseases, joint, and many more benefits.

This is a technique that you don't learn over night it is one that you must practice over and over again, you must re-learn your body's movements as you work on each new movement with your client. I highly suggest working on your family and friends before working on the public.

The therapist don't just use their hands they use their body as a whole in Thai massage. Hands, feet, legs arms and so forth.

There are some major contraindication that you must consider before you perform a Thai massage on a client. High BP or serious heart problems not controlled, someone with osteoporosis, fusions, artificial joints, anyone with lymphatic cancer, anyone with or who has hemophilia, or phlebitis.

Thai massage like Shiatsu is performed on the floor on a mat. Treatment can last two to three hours depending on the client.

Thai massage is something I will have to practice daily before doing it


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